One of the major keys to SUCCESS is to keep moving forward on the JOURNEY, making the best of the detours and interuptions, turning adversity into advantage-John Maxwell, Quotes Success


Paul Benn

I have a passion for helping people find their journeys through life. Helping people find and build successful journeys.


You can't create a journey if you don't change. A journey of any kind encourages you to follow your wisdom and intuition, to be resourceful and flexible.


The Altitude Journey is about finding happiness, creativity, determination, success, encouragement, and stimulation to greater heights of success, which we refer to as altitudes.


Using my expertise in helping you have the correct mindset, focused goals, and intentional actions to achieve high performance, I will reframe your view of yourself to change your perception - how you speak and think about yourself.


The benefit is a life of more fulfillment, achievement of career goals, and achievement of life and business dreams.

To achieve success and fulfilment, we will work together with you to discover your journeys.


Learn more about Altitude Journeys and how we can help you achieve your journeys

What can Altitude Journeys do for you

Our Philosophy is built on three words - Focus, Intentional, Thinking.

Focus on the right things that take us forward

Intentional Actions that move us towards a higher Altitude

Right Thinking about us, our environment and our journey

An Altitude is a place higher, better off, something we aspire to, or a successful achievement.

To get to an Altitude of choice requires Focus , Intentional Action, and the Right Thinking.

We help you define these Journeys and what that Altitude is, while supporting you on that Journey

to aspire to your greater life and career.

Have alook below in the ways we can help you on your journey to the Altitude you aspire to.

  • High Performance

    High-performance is about helping you achieve your very best and identifying your greatest potential and what you need to do to achieve it.

    No matter your age, career, strength, or personality, we'll help you develop habits that will enable you to stay successful over time.

  • Goal Achievement

    In addition to the goals, goal-setting is valuable because it forces you to reflect on your values, purpose, direction, performance, and satisfaction. Goals trigger new behaviours and help you sustain momentum. A sense of self-mastery is promoted when you set goals. If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it, and if you don't manage it properly, then you cannot improve it.

  • Growth

    Personal growth can help to keep yourself motivated by having a better understanding of how you learn and how to improve your performance. As you become more conscious of your skills, you will experience more enjoyment and less stress. Your attitude toward work will change and, therefore, you will be able to advance. Personal growth can help one grow mentally and emotionally.

  • Careers

    A professional development program can help you (a) identify and develop your skills, (b) make better career choices, and (c) be more productive and a valuable member of your organization. Career clarity is essential to career success and gaining confidence. 

  • Business Startup

    For some, a career involves the dream of self-employment.  That great idea that evolves into a business start-up. The next Elon Musk in the making.  Starting a business requires careful consideration internally and externally.  A business startup is not only about your "career" aspirations but also about your customers' aspirations.

  • Resilience and Positive Mindset

    Self-regulation helps us to achieve our desired outcomes. A direction that will result in well-being and happiness. This direction involves thoughts, beliefs and actions. It might not always be easy to practice effective self-regulation. Rather than looking at factors that allow us to thrive, we often focus on the factors that are wrong with us.

Service Offerings

Servicing your successful and aspiring journeys through life and career


Creating personalised journeys, supporting you to aspire to greater altitudes of achievement and success. Inspiring you to high-perofrmance.

Knowledge Sharing

Sharing knowledge from years of experience through our training programs, ebooks and other modalities to inspire your career and life.


We speak across the world on various platforms. Presenting free and paid content that are designed to inspire a life of fullfilment and success.


Clients we have helped in their journeys and are so excited to see how they excelling in their journeys

Paul has been an exceptional mentor to me. His kindness, willingness to share his own experiences and wisdom while listening closely, are all qualities that I’ve learned from him. Beyond that, as a mentor, he has always tried to help me become a better version of myself rather than trying to mold me to his perspective. His constant support has been invaluable.

Divya Bakshi Sareen 

Business Analyst, Massey University, New Zealand

In a highly competitive and demanding environment, it is rare to come across someone who willingly takes time out of their schedule to assist others (even a mere connection from the other side of the world). Paul did just that, by taking the time to share his knowledge, strategy and insights which is a winning formula.....



Emerson Ramkaran 

Senior Business Analyst, Trinidad and Tobago

Paul is always willing to share knowledge and offer objective advice. He has the ability to take a holistic/global view of a situation and identify its impact and how it will be impacted.







Simone Eiman 

Communication Manager, Old Mutual Wealth, South Africa


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