About My Coaching

Executive Coaching, Career Coaching or Business Coaching

Why use my coaching services.....

I’m dedicated to helping people leverage a more successful life.


I have life experience working through challenging career choices and job changes, moving countries, and overcoming my own limiting self-beliefs and external obstacles to achieve my success.


I have professional Executive Coaching training, Business Coaching and NLP coaching with 10 plus years' experience helping people achieve success in their careers, as well as 26 years of experience coaching businesses and organisations.


The skillsets within my private client coaching and my business clients work well together to help solve problems in both individual and business situations.


I specialise in helping people and businesses, see the vision, set the goals and design the journey to reach the end successfully i.e. reach the higher ALTITUDE


I can help you find clarity, set your course, overcome the obstacles and take advantage of the opportunities (and create them if they are not there), and develop your path of actions  for your journey to your ultimate success.

My coaching offering

Each coaching service is tailored to your needs. 

Connect with me through the booking option above for a free consultation about your needs and how I can help you

Executive and Career Coaching

Goals and action planning

Business Coaching

My Coaching Style

It is important to ensure that when you engage a

coach that you can build rapport and trust with them.

My vision: I’m dedicated to helping people leverage a more successful life— I want to see people become Intentional in their actions, with Focus and Right Thinking being the three inputs for success. 

There is a life of meaning and purpose for you right now. I believe you have a destiny, a hero’s journey, a higher altitude waiting for you right now. I want to help you unpack that life of higher altitudes, higher performance and goal-setting to achieve your desires professionally and personally.

  • My Coaching Philosophy

    I will help you reframe how you see, talk, and believe about yourself using my skills in helping you have the right thinking, focus, and intentional actions to achieve higher performance in all areas of your life, resulting in growth, success, and overcoming difficult situations. Consistently leading to higher altitudes of achievements, satisfaction in your personal or professional life that leads to enjoyment, and happiness.

  • Are we the right match?

    Why is it important to ensure we are the right match? Matching to a coach is based on the goals the client wants to achieve during the coaching intervention. That means some coaches might be better suited to others when it comes to certain goals.  Some clients prefer a coach who has similarities, like gender. 

  • My Expectations from you

    Be present and open in every coaching meeting.  Be open to being coached and open to learn.  Coaching is a learning experience for both me, the coach, and the client. 

  • My Coaching Process

    Every coaching relationship is tailored and made to suit your needs.  We first start with an initial free introductory chat to build rapport and trust.  It is also an opportunity to see if we match with each other.  Here we set the overall goals of the coaching intervention.  There are various coaching models I use to help you get the best out of the coaching relationship.  You get to set the goals for every coaching meeting. 

  • Can we do virtual meetings?

    Coaching virtually is my preferred method.  Most of my clients are international and it a medium that allows us to talk.  With modern technology being in a physical place is no longer required.  Besides this it also helps us do our bit for the climate by reducing carbon emissions.  I also do in person coaching when the client prefers it.  

  • Who Do I like to work with?

    People who are open to learning together with me. You desire higher performance in areas of your life.  You want to set SMART goals and will be held accountable for them.  People who want to change how they think about themselves and change the language they use about themselves in order to remove sometimes the biggest obstacle in their lives - themselves.

What Our Customers Say

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Piyush Sharma

Intern Business Analyst

I have met a lot of people through LinkedIn but no one was like Paul. He is an amazing mentor and a highly knowledgeable person with fantastic leadership quality. I would recommend Paul for his mind-blowing skills and the ability to teach others as a mentor.




Divya Bakshi Sareen

Business Analyst at Massey University

Paul has been an exceptional mentor to me. His kindness, willingness to share his own experiences and wisdom while listening closely, are all qualities that I’ve learned from him. Beyond that, as a mentor, he has always tried to help me become a better version of myself rather than trying to mold me to his perspective. His constant support has been invaluable.”

My Coaching Framework

Walking alongside you on your journey to success

The Framework provides an understanding of how we will work together and how I will walk alongside you to achieve the successful outcomes needed for your successful journey.


Each phase can consist of one or more coaching meetings.


The important thing is, we work together to tailor these meetings to your needs and unique journey.